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Customer Testimonials

  1. I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to the team at Resume Services Pro Team for helping me with my resume. I don't typically provide reviews, but I am so happy with my new job and the assistance provided by Resume Services Pro Team, that I felt I must. They were able to help me restructure my resume for the field of work I was seeking. The team's ability to apply the correct terminology and articulation helped me to stand out among those I was competing with. I have a diverse background and Resume Services Pro Team were able to capture my knowledge, skills and abilities and shape what I already had into a well strategized approach for success. I could not be happier and thought I should share with others who are looking for that next step in their carrier or a change all together. Thank you!!!
  2. I was confused why my resume was not working and was not able to get a job for over six months. Resume Services Pro Team perfectly captured my background and skills and tailored my resume and it was absolutely effective. I walked in and handed my new resume to a prospective employer within one week and was interviewed and offered a job on the spot.
  3. My federal resume was very long given my 30 years of government experience and I needed it to be shortened and transformed into an executive-level, private sector resume. I found that Resume Services Pro Team was on point and listened to my goals and where I wanted to take my career and delivered a resume that was 100 percent on target. I would definitely recommend Resume Services Pro Team to others and was very impressed and appreciative of their outstanding service.
  4. I have previously worked with other resume companies and was disappointed with my resume layout, design and that it was too long. I turned to Resume Services Pro Team for help and they delivered a new resume for me that was concise and showcased my strengths and abilities. I would definitely recommend Resume Services Pro Team to others and they will work with you to achieve your career goals.
  5. My resume was not organized, focused and it did not effectively highlight my past experience, certifications and skills. Resume Services Pro Team was able to cut through the clutter, shorten and help bring my skills and experience to life on my resume. They were incredible, patient and delivered what I needed - I would definitely recommend them to other professionals.
  6. My resume was outdated and I was not having success in transitioning from accounting into academia as I wanted to become an adjunct professor. When I saw my new resume I was floored - the design, layout and content looked amazing. I am also happy to share that I landed teaching positions at two schools and begin in the fall!
  7. My experience with Resume Services Pro Team was excellent. They listened to my goals, highlighted my key strengths and skills and created a sleek resume that will definitely help me stand out against other candidates. I would absolutely recommend them!
  8. I have tremendous skills and expertise as an IT professional but was getting inconsistent, if any, feedback from all of the companies that I applied to. Resume Services Pro Team created a new resume and in one week I had an interview and was hired and started the following week! I can’t believe this all happened within 2 weeks! I know I was able to be successful as a result of the new resume they created as well as their advice on LinkedIn and career search strategies. This is an impressive company and will get you the results you need!
  9. I was truly impressed and so glad to have worked with Resume Services Pro Team! I did not know how to best market my skills and abilities or update my resume to be successful in the current job market today. They took all of data and information I gave them and condensed it to make it more powerful and focus on the most important skills and expertise I had. I know I will be successful thanks to their help!
  10. You all are an an Awesome resume service. I have and will continue to refer your services to friends and family. Please continue your services to people like me. We would be lost without you.
  11. Solid group! So helpful every step of the way. I spent two year working on changing careers. With RSPT after a few months of using the resume they wrote for me, I have gotten that job I have always been working. Thank you!